The Malvern Hills

Hello fellow budget hunters

Today I am back on the storytelling drive. This happened in August last year, when my boyfriend came to visit me house sitting. Two of our friends came to stay with us, from London, so there was a lot of surprise over the rural area I live in.

I only moved to Ledbury while I was in my second year of university, that means I haven’t really had much time to explore and the first time I went in the woods, I was convinced I heard a chainsaw and was going to be crushed by a tree. (Overactive imagination at its best) However, I promised everyone we would go on a walk in the Malvern hills.

I have already walked up British Camp (Aka Herefordshire Beacon) and I knew it was only 4 miles away from my house on the ‘main’ roads. Who wants to walk on the roads, so I suggested we walk along the footpaths in that direction until we got there. We started off on a proper footpath and everytime we came to the junction we went towards the Malvern hills.

This pathway eventually fizzled out and I decided it was safer for us to go back and start again. When we came back out on the B road, I knew we were on ‘Cut throat Lane’ – which is my favourite place name ever. Although, my sense of direction was awful and we went from being 80 metres away from my house to over 2 miles. We took a disappointing walk to Eastnor Castle, before we got hungry and came home for some food.


So the next day I was insistent that we would climb the Malvern hills!!


We got on the first train from Ledbury to Great Malvern on the Sunday Morning, despite the fact I had an awful cold and could barely breathe. I was given the choice of everyone going, or we would stay at home and after the previous day of wondering around I felt we needed to go up the hills.

From Great Malvern Station I walked up towards the wetherspoons I know, and the general direction of the hills until we saw the black signs pointing “to the hills..”.  So off we went up the very steep driveway, then continued past all the joggers and dog walkers to the Worcestershire Beacon. We sat at the top, while watching a paraglider and took an awful selfie. (I’m not even sure who has that image)

Finally we went across to another hill, which I really struggled with as I couldn’t breathe through my nose and became very short of breath. At the top we sat and ate our sandwiches, then decided to head back down and sit in The Foley Arms (my favourite wetherspoons) while watching the world go by.

After a few hours, we went to get the train home but the heavens opened and we were drenched on the run back to the station. In Ledbury we walked back to myself, I went to have a lie down with my cold and woke up to find everyone else had fallen asleep.

That was my adventure with my friends in the Malvern Hills


I hope you enjoyed this

The Great Ambini

x x x

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