Visit Cardiff

Hello fellow budget hunters
This is going to be another post in the staycation series I am currently doing! This one is a visit to South Wales and why you should come to my favourite places!

If you want to visit a nice friendly city then Cardiff is you go to. It has a beautiful castle and the bay is a lovely foodie area in the evenings! Definitely take the walk to the Norwegian church and the sculptures around Roald Dahl’s Way. The Wales Millenium Centre is the most infamous sight down in the bay, but look at the Pierhead and Senedd too.


It is also fairly small so not much walking is involved to get around the centre.
The national museum and gallery is one of my favourite places to spend an afternoon! There is a few Monet’s in the impressionist section and a great history of Wales and their dinosaurs! When I last went there was a Quentin Blake exhibition but currently it is Bacon to Doig.

If you are not a fan of large crowds then I would avoid a match day in the stadium, although it makes the city feel alive, it isn’t the best experience for a tourist looking through the arcades. That’s my favourite bit about Cardiff, the beautiful Victorian arcades which are full of independent shops and cafes! They give the city a character and historical element!
The university is also pretty, at least the main building and city hall but I’d avoid walking too far down park place as it becomes a 1960s nightmare! Visiting in the spring when the cherry blossom is out is the best time for this area of time!

For shopping, look no further than Dewi Sant and Queen Street where pretty much every chain store lives. Cardiff is also home to the only shake shack outside of London and the first UK TimHortons !

I love this city and although the weather isn’t the nicest, it is a beautiful place to visit!


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