Visit the Olympic Park

Hello fellow budget hunters,

It’s a new week and I am back feeling energised and ready for my FINAL term of university! I have decided to go back to my proper upload schedule (if I’m not too busy) as I seem to get the best responses when I post Monday and Fridays! Anyway on to the actual post, I decided when I was in Stratford the other day to visit the Olympic Park.

I was obsessed with London 2012 while it was on, I would sit glued to the TV every day feeling so proud at what a show it was. In fact my mum has the DVD box set of the games and we have watched the opening ceremony at least 4 times since! However, we didn’t get any tickets to the games especially as my Mum tried for tickets for what became super saturday and Tom Daley’s diving. After that all the tickets that were left were for football and we are not football fans as a family, so we never ended up going.


Until 5 years and 6 months after the games, when I decided to have a wonder around the Olympic park to see the buildings where all the medals were won and imagine the roar of the crowds. I walked around the Swimming pool, up past the tower, around the main stadium (now the West Ham United ground) and up to the Velodrome. It was a lovely sunny winters day and I really enjoyed exploring.

The gardens weren’t as green as I imagine they would be in the summer, but I enjoyed the fact there was daffodils out in bloom and it felt like spring was on its way.


I also like the way the bridges are incorporated as part of the journey around the park and over the complicated web of different canals and brooks.



I unfortunately did not have enough time to go up the tower or ride the slide back down, but I did get a number of pictures of it. I have grown to love the tower, despite initially thinking it was a strange design.


I also enjoyed using the gym equipment, especially the ones which charge your phone as you use them. I love the idea that these, the kids parks and the activities painted on the floor have left a legacy from London 2012. My favourite was a measure of Greg Rutherford’s Gold medal long jump distance and an activity to try and jump that far. There was also lots of climbing walls and I really enjoyed my walk around the park, I hope it continues to be such an exciting place full of Olympic history.


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