My top 5 coffee shops in Cardiff

Hello fellow budget hunters

This is going to be a post about the top 5 coffee shops I love in Cardiff. I will confess I have not been to all the coffee shops in the whole city – and there is no testing criteria! I will just be telling you my 5 favourite places to drink coffee and hang out (although for Christmas I got an espresso/cappuccino machine and I LOVE it!! ) I am not a big fan of the two coffee chains that dominate the UK, but I will keep my strong view out of this post. I mean you’re all here for the coffee addict! IMG_20171126_131618.jpg

5. Coffee #1

Not strictly a single coffee shop, but it is a chain that was started in Cardiff back in 2001. There’s even one in Ledbury, but they haven’t expanded towards London yet. Their coffee is really good, they have tap water provided out and the decor in every single one is so cosy and comfortable. I love being able to sit in one and do work, like other people do with bigger chain shops.

4. The Little Man Coffee Co.

The Little Man Coffee Co., located near the Motorpoint Arena, is an arty little coffee shop which shows a host of exhibitions on the floor above the cafe. Serving locally roasted coffee and occasionally using guest beans, the shop is gaining quite a following. They also rent out the downstairs rooms for events, I even did staff training there for one job I had!

3. Stag Coffee

Ask for a decent coffee shop in the Cathays area and you’ll be directed to Stag Coffee. This small and charming independent shop does not limit itself to coffee and serves lots of breakfasts, burgers and sandwiches. Definitely one to visit on Crwys Road.

2. Hard Lines

A bit of a hipster hangout, which recently went viral with their pink cappuccino. This stand in the Cardiff Indoor Market are hard to beat. Their espresso is amazing and often have some great blends. 26937835_10155031979150825_717112073_o.jpg

1. Hoffi Coffi, Cathays

This would be hypocritical to write a post without mentioning the coffee shop I am currently sat in. This coffee shop is always full of students and often has queues out the door, they pride themselves on good coffee not quick coffee. I love this place and it is probably my most visited place on this list, due to location and my love of coffee!

Coffee cup top view on wooden table background


I hope you stuck with me till the end and have some inspiration of places to visit next time you are in Cardiff.

Until next time

The Great Ambini

x x x


15 thoughts on “My top 5 coffee shops in Cardiff

  1. I definitely love a good cuppa’ coffee to keep me energised and ready to explore places every single day! Thanks for sharing this list – now I know where to get refuelled when in Cardiff! 🙂

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  2. Great article, thank you! This makes me miss the coffee from home, I’m travelling in SE Asia at the moment and it isn’t quite the same. My sister lives in Cardiff… I will definitely be sending this article to her 🙂

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  3. Damn i would have tried the Pink cappuccino at Hard Lines if I had known and I dont drink Coffee at all! But that looks off the hook. We loved walking around Cardiff last year but Darcee kept complaining that the coffee was kind of ho hum so we just had Tea everywhere. Going to have to show her what we missed out on. Probably would have been good to wash those funky cockles we kept trying for breakfast.

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  4. Nice – I haven’t been to Cardiff in years! I do spend a lot of time on my laptop in coffee shops though because I’m self-employed. I’m heading back to the UK later this year so if I get chance I will have to check some on the list out.

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  5. Haha! Great list! I hope I visit Cardiff one day. The love for coffee is common between all of us. And I am so like you when it comes to supporting the underdogs. The laugh was for your review of the last cafe. So is it actually the number one in your list or just because you don’t want to be a hypocrite? My personal favourite is the pink one, not sure how it shall taste but it looks so instagram worthy 🙂


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