What’s in my bag for Sofia?

Hello fellow budget hunters


After my last post on packing was very popular I have decided to document what I packed for our 4 night adventure to Sofia.


After looking up the weather forecast I knew it was going to be sunny and fairly hot. It was around 27-30 degrees most days with little breeze. It turned out hotter than I thought and after forgetting sun cream, I learnt my lesson.


Regardless, lets have a look at what I packed and how i packed it. This was my first adventure with my new packing cubes and action camera. We were also with wizz air which have tiny free baggage requirements! Bags at 42x32x25 are a lot smaller than normal however for 4 nights we didn’t need anymore. This is everything I packed:



– 5 x underwear

– 3 x tshirts

– 1 x dress

– 1 x shorts

– 1 x smart skirt

– 1 x flipflops

– 1 x sunglasses


I also had jeans and a jumper that were worn on the plane to save space.



– passport

–  cash (so much easier to change) and emergency card

– toothbrush

– medications etc

– toothpaste

– hair brush

– deodorant

– shampoo bar



– 1x phone charger (fits action camera/tablet and phone)

– 1 x DSLR camera

– 1 x phone

– 1 x action camera

– 1x tablet


That was everything I packed and needed during my time away. Also I packed plane tickets which were essential!


I know I pack light but that was exactly what I needed for the entire time. I only wore a t shirt twice when I wore a nice outfit for an evening meal.


My rules for packing are, wear your biggest and heaviest clothes on the clothes.

Only pack what you will wear and just enough, no more than that! You won’t change 3 times every day… Come on guys!

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