Hello fellow budget hunters
As you might have guessed from the title! I’m in Sofia!

The capital of Bulgaria has so many beautiful sights, great food and very good weather.

We’ve been here for 4 nights and had a brilliant time. I have some posts drafted ready with prices, things to do and see as well as a what’s in my bag article. However for now I just wanted to share my location and some stunning pictures!

I am also lucky enough to have a uni friend from Sofia who met us yesterday and showed us her city. It’s a brilliant and reasonably cheap city place for a city break with lots of interesting culture!

It has been a city I have wanted to visit for over a year and it is lovely. I love the eastern European/former Soviet union countries that have a mix of modern skyscrapers and communist buildings. You can tell the city is still developing and there’s lots of projects and building going ahead.
There’s also a lot of parks and green areas! The only issue we’re having is there’s less English spoken than Romania and it’s harder to guess the cryllic alphabet… It’s been fun though and everyone’s helped us a lot.
Hope you get the chance to visit this city soon!

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