20 Travel mistakes to avoid!

This is a list of travel mistakes I have heard other people make as well as myself. I hope that you take the time to read this list and make sure you can avoid them as best as possible.


1 Packing too much – You probably won’t wear most of it, for tips check this post.

2 Not packing the right shoes

3 Sorting out laundry days to coincide with places with washing machines

4 Leaving behind chargers in hotels/hostels – remember to take them out the wall!

5 Trying to fit too much in – you will get tired or walk miles!

6 Not buying an international sim/ unlocked phone /data plan abroad

7  Drinking out too much even though its expensive – Budget hunters will know the beauty of Pre-drinks.

8 Not allowing enough time  to connect (less than an hour is a big nono)

9 Not checking your route from the airport to accommodation – it takes a simple Google.

10 Not checking the train/bus/metro schedules or what time the last one is (having a backup plan just in case you miss the last one like we planned for in Serbia)



11 Not comparing public and private transport costs

12 Not understanding taxis very well (watch meter or negotiate a price)

13 ONE OF THE BIGGEST ISSUES IS NOT telling your bank you are abroad and having your card cancelled. (It’s easy with online banking)

14 Exchanging or carrying large amounts of cash. ATMs are all over the World and often have good exchange rates.

15 Not having enough small change, try to change big denominations at supermarkets/restaurants

16 Eating at expensive tourist restaurants, in Morocco there were places half the price just off the main street – take a look around first.

17 Eating only foods you are used to rather than trying local foods


18 Being unrealistic about your fitness levels – Walking all day will tire you out.

19 Mentally hyping places up too much and being disappointed when you arrive. I’ve heard friends call the Great wall of China ‘disappointing’.

20 Not leaving enough time to make friends – Hostels are awesome for this but even just chatting to people who look like tourists is an amazing way to make memories.



That’s all of my list of mistakes people make and I hope that by reading this then you can avoid them in the future! Safe travels


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