What’s in my backpack?

Hello fellow budget hunters

I often get asked about how I manage to travel with hand luggage only for over a week or almost 2 weeks but for me I find it very simple. Therefore I’ve decided to put together a list of what I pack on a normal trip. This is for a warmer destination but it gives you an idea of what to bring. I’m also good at packing everything really tiny.

Firstly it is essentials:-


– phone

– money/debit card (tell you bank which country though) & wallet with student cards/railcards in

– toothbrush/toothpaste

– toiletries (shampoo bar, soap, deodorant)

– medication

– chargers & travel adapters

– empty water bottle (its okay to take them through security and fill up on the other side)

– a small shoulder bag for days


– shoes (I always have flipflops, sandals and often trainers that I strap to the outside of my bag)

– 2 x trousers/leggings

– underwear (normally enough pairs for the trip) and a pair of socks or 2

– a pair of shorts (unless it’s going to be cold)

– a scarf (good in hot countries for shoulders or cultural/religious places)

– 5x t shirts

– a dress

– a coat or hoody (normally wear through airport or hook through my bag straps)


– camera and memory cards (we forgot the memory card for Morocco)

– laptop (depends on work or duration)

– a book/diary

Normally that’s everything I take and often is too much. Hopefully this gives people an idea of what to pack on a journey!

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