My Christmas

Hello fellow budget hunters

In today’s post I am going to tell you all about my little family Christmas, as I am so interested in other people’s stories and the differences between how everyone celebrates. To start with, we are an non-religious family, we open gifts on the 25th and live in the UK.

christmas-2947257_1920 (1)

We normally wake up around 9am, even as small children – My sister wouldn’t wake up till 10am and then my parents wouldn’t let me wake her! Then we have Buck’s fizz or a Kir Royal in the morning as it’s Christmas. Once everyone is assembled, we open our stockings together in the lounge and Father Christmas likes to give me food bits and tinned peaches!

So my little Christmas used to be viewed as strange by my friends, as we opened our stockings from Father Christmas in the morning and then don’t open the presents under the tree until after Christmas Dinner.

Our Christmas dinner is a vast array of vegetables, yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets, accompanied by roast beef. Although my sister has a turkey leg, and I believe we have a fancier Beef fillet this year from Aldi. We often have christmas pudding, but I swear nobody in the UK even likes it, it’s just you cover it in alcohol and set fire to it.

We generally open our presents under the tree and always one gift at a time. Sometimes this can take a while, especially when my Dad opens every box he’s been given! Then we normally watch all the exciting Christmas specials including Dr Who.

Usually by this point, we’ve all had a few drinks and we start to fall into a food coma. I will often pick at the food later on and then on Boxing Day we eat the leftovers in a puff pastry dish instead of sandwiches!

I hope this gave you some idea of what we do at Christmas

Merry Christmas

The Great Ambini

x x x


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