We need to talk… (about mental health)

Hello fellow budget hunters

Today’s post is an explanation for my absence this past week and to remind you all to look after your mental and physical health.

This past week, I took a few days away from blogging and from university so I could give myself a break, I had a couple of stressful weeks and I noticed I was beginning to struggle. This is an important thing for someone with mental health issues, to know the difference in emotions can prevent the onset of an episode of depression or just stop you from burning out. When something is causing you pain or problems then it is time to accept it rather than carrying on and making the issue worse. I know people who have carried on through injury, especially in high intensity sports and have ended up doing far more damage.


It is okay not to be okay!


Admitting there is something wrong is the first step and if you are in this position then I’m proud of you!

Self care is an important thing, whatever your mental health! When our self-worth is on the floor, making time to nurture ourselves feels like an unnecessary effort.  We tell ourselves we don’t need it, and we don’t deserve it. That it’s pointless and self-indulgent. That it’s selfish. But self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. We can’t do or be all the things we want to without taking care of ourselves.

A car can’t keep driving forever without some kind of maintenance – regular fuel top-ups, service, MOT and repairs. We’re exactly the same.


I have put together a list of how to practice self-care on a budget:-

  1. DRINK water
  3. SLEEP
  4. Exercise
  5. GET OUT – breathe fresh air
  6. GET CREATIVE – Write, paint, colour in, bake.. The list is endless
  7. CLEAN UP – even just your facebook friend list rather than your room
  8. TREAT YOURSELF – chocolate, a bubble bath, it doesn’t have to be a spa day
  9. Learn to say no – endless super busy weeks will cause you to burn out!
  10. REST UP –  Letting yourself rest is a fantastic act of self-care, and it doesn’t cost a penny.

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