Hello fellow budget hunters

This post is going to tell you about a tiny little Croatian island that we visited over my birthday this summer. My boyfriend’s best friend from university had a house on this little island and her Mum is Croatian so they invited us to stay over.

So first we had to get the 2 hour bus from Split to Sibnik which was fun as we really couldn’t pronounce it! Then we were met there by our friends, before getting a local bus to Broderica and then a little 300m ferry journey to the island.

While we were there, we ate a lot of food, socialised, played cards and drank! The afternoon was brilliant as we decided to go swimming off the back of their boat and then we eventually went island hopping on the boat too. We had bought snorkels when we were back in Spain so took those out and saw lots of awesome fish and big clams at the bottom.

The sea around Croatia is very salty so you float very easily without  having to tred water to stay afloat. There was a lot of beautiful fish and because there isn’t really many beaches with sand, the water is crystal clear. If only I had my waterproof camera by then as the footage would have been out of this world! (See this post to explain what happened)

We ended the evening with a lovely seafood meal at one of the 3 restaurants on the island, there was this octopus stew which had cooked for hours. Then we also had a lot of prawns and mussels – however I am not a seafood fan, so I tried everything and then ended up with a Croatian kebab called Ćevapi or ćevapčići. Which is beautiful!

We left the following day, on the journey back so we could have the dodgy pizza tradition for my birthday! So here I will give you some images from this awesome island.





The Great Ambini

x x x

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