10 places I will never visit (but really want to!)

Hello fellow budget hunters. A different sort of post but one you might find interesting.

These will be in no particular order but all places I want to go!

1. Area 51– the site of the US military base in South Nebraska. It is a base based around support development and testing of experimental weapons and aircraft. However,it is the centre of many extra terrestrial films and due to the secrets it is surrounded by conspiracy theories. I would really love to visit just to understand what happens there, however the signs warn that the use of deadly force is permitted for those who cross the barriers.

2. Room 39 – the economic centre of North Korea that seeks ways of obtaining foreign currency for Kim Jong-Il. Believed to be established in the 70s, it has very little information about this place. Rumours state it is involved in money laundering, drug smuggling and illegal weapon sales – however we know it has 120 foreign trade companies under its jurisdiction!

3. Club 33 – the most interesting part of Disneyland.. The exclusive club in the heart of the park, with a 14 year waiting list and fees of $10,000-30000 I don’t think I will ever get to visit! The main perk involves the alcohol you can buy there but pretty steep for a few pints!

4. Mezhgorye – a closed town in Russia that was rumoured to house people working on the secretive Mount Yanantaw base. The base itself is expected to be a nuclear bunker, food supplies storage area and nuclear facility. After repeated requests by the US, they have given numerous answers about what the base is used for.

5. The Vatican Secret Archives – The archives are not secret, you can see any document you want. However you are not allowed to enter the archive itself! Despite rumours, all documents are available except ones that are newer than 75 years.

6. RAF Menwith Hill – the secretive UK military base with spy connections and more conspiracy theories. Without being that high up in the military, I will never get to visit this place!

7. Moscow Metro 2 – built during the Cold War, this private metro system is only available to presidents of Russia and the Former Soviet Union. Rumoured to be longer than the declared metro, it is meant to connect important buildings in the city for the ease of the president.

8. Ise Grand Shrine – this Japanese collection of shrines, important in Japanese imperial history. Unless you a prince or princess you will only see the thatched roof, or if you’re one of the builders in charge of rebuilding it every 20 years.

9. Snake Island – considered one of the hardest islands off the coast of Brazil to reach. Its location in a 19mile long choppy ocean with no beach to land on is hard enough. It is also infamously home to the golden lancehead pit vipers, which are only found on this island and are considered one of the most venomous in the world. An estimate of 5000 snakes is considered on the low side but averages about 10 every square metre of the island.

10. Mount Weather emergency operations centre – If you’ve ever watched the 100 then you will recognise the name. It is a real place and was built in the 1950s, it is somewhere we never hope to visit. Currently in use it is supplied ready for any nuclear war or other situation. Even small emergencies have been routed through the communications within mount weather and has been successful. I still want to visit though!

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