Seeing the world through the eyes of THEGREATAMBINI

Thank you so much Tilly!

I don’t know why I keep going back to Elite Daily, but for some reason, me and that pesky American entertainment and lifestyle website gravitate towards each other. Maybe because it was the first website that came up when I googled ‘how to be more cultured’.

I stumbled across an article appropriately named, ‘5 Ways You Can Become More Cultured Without Splurging On Travel‘. Now, there’s a few points I’d like to make about this headline before we even start:

  1. It implies that being cultured is something everybody wants to be.
  2. It carries the connotation that is traditionally favoured and as I’ve found out, very untrue – culture and high disposable income go hand in hand.
  3. It leads the reader to believe that by following a list that some unknown journalist has thought up, probably very last minute, you will instantly become this God-like figure who knows everything about…

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