Hygge – The Danish concept of cosiness!

Hello fellow budget hunters

This is going to be a different blog post as I have been inside revising rather than travelling so I thought I would try to explain how I have been trying to help my mental health through adopting some aspects of hygge.

When I first heard about hygge I assumed it was a fad thing or just hipster trend – I will confess I sound like an old lady when I assume those things. I promise I am 20, but very bored of the internet trends by now! However it is a whole way of life, the secret perhaps to how the Danish are the happiest in Europe.

Pronounced ‘hoogah’ there is no direct translation in English, but I believe it means togetherness or cosiness and those are two concepts that I want more of in my life. It is meant to be relaxing, give yourself a chance to switch off from work and everyday life. There is an idea that it shouldn’t be expensive either and for my student friendly budget the biggest expense is more candles. (I now have tonnes after christmas)

I understand the basic idea is being cosy and being content in the winter months. (and all year around)

I will now try to break it down to the key areas I understand it to be!

Lighting – The main concept I have taken from hygge is to focus on lighting a room. The focus is on small pockets of light and soft lights rather than fluorescent lights. Also lighting candles is seen as such a big part of hygge and I try to light a candle or two every day. The flame relaxes me and I know that the soft lighting generally puts you in a better more relaxed mood.


Clothing –  So I understand it is important to wear cosy clothes. Big jumpers, fluffy socks and scarves are the way forward. I live in leggings anyway, so that is not a difference for me but the cosiness of these clothes makes me content.


Food & Drink –  Hygge in food is just making wholesome stews, gravies and indulgent foods. Many influencers of hygge stress that winter is not the time to start diets and new me ideas. If that is you, I am proud of you but I personally want nice cosy indulgent food and chocolate. It is okay to treat yourself, apparently the most hygge foods are those that take a long time to create.

Hot drinks are another key part of hygge, I now love curling up with a coffee or hot chocolate and I think it is important to just take those moments for yourself.

Coffee cup top view on wooden table background


Company – The final key component of a Hygge lifestyle is company. Creating those evenings with good friends, where you just chat and enjoy food.

Here’s the 4 sections I think are the most hygge and simple to implement into your everyday lives. I try all of these things to keep my depressive episodes at bay. I have suffered around this time of year for the past two years and I know that taking time for myself and feeling cosy helps me in this dark miserable months.

Hope you like this different style of post and adapt some of this in your lives too! It’s great I promise.

The Great Ambini

x x x


2 thoughts on “Hygge – The Danish concept of cosiness!

  1. Hi Amber, I guess I have been doing hygge for years! Nothing like curling up in an armchair with a nice cup of chocolate! Hope you are well. Love Grandma


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