What we did in Cluj-Napoca!

Hello fellow budget hunters

I have really been missing writing, but now most of my deadlines are over I have decided to write a few posts ready for December! So as you may have seen from the photos here, that we decided to go on a romantic weekend to Romania. I really loved Timisoara and wanted to explore Transylvania – and it did not disappoint!

On the first night, we arrived at 5pm which is a decent compared to our normal flights! After to going through security (the scrutiny of my boyfriend’s passport was impressive!) we arrived through the airport, which was a lot more advanced than the last Romanian airport. While we were in Timisoara, the airport had an analogue departures board and I have still never got over that!

Anyway, after that we got onto the bus outside which cost 2 RON (40p) and found our way into town. The place we stayed was this really cool cellar conversion and located right in the centre of the historic town. So the first night, we were both hungry and ready for a new city so ended up going to a burger place we had walked past on the way to the flat. The food was quick and really good, although not quite the Beefy Boys in Hereford. Then we crossed over to the main square, where there was a beautiful Christmas market and lots of music and Christmas fun.


We decided to buy a chimney cake but ended up waiting for half an hour in the queue. It was almost worth it, especially when it was really hot in the cold air. Over the next day, we saw all of the main churches, opera houses, castles and the general main sights. I had wanted to go to the famous Turda Salt mine – which has a lake you can boat on and a ferris wheel inside the mine! However, as it was quite cold we decided to spend our time just enjoying exploring and eating.

We had an awesome cheesecake in Bistro Vienna, the best Romanian platter in Roata and the best coffee I have ever drunk in Narcoffee Roasters. Would highly recommend, it was insane and I just loved the whole experience!

On the Sunday, we visited the central park but ended up back at the coffee house. I wasn’t feeling that great so we had a relaxed day rather than the interesting day at the mine. Just as well, the buses are unpredictable on a sunday. We managed to have a lovely pasta dinner in Tortelli Cluj before one last walk around the market and buying more chocolate flavoured fudge.


I am always surprised at how good the English is in Romania, everyone is very keen to help us and recommend places. I loved this adventure and I can’t wait to return to this beautiful country.



I may do a more detailed overview of the landmarks we saw and a how expensive was post in the future, but for now I just want to enjoy the memories of a lovely weekend in Romania.

For now,

The Great Ambini

x x x

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