Gift Guide – 10 gift ideas for travellers!

Hello fellow budget hunters

Today I decided to do something a little different and post a little gift guide either for you to suggest to friends or to buy those traveller friends of yours. I have decided to keep it within the £20 budget as we all know I’m cheap! I will also try to include a link to the products too!


1. I love packing and being super organised and the best thing I ever bought was these packing cubes.  They are super affordable at £6.49 and come in so many colours.


2. The next essential item is a small tripod that is adaptable to almost every device. Very useful and a bargain at £7.98.

3. The most useful thing I own (and often forget to pack) is a worldwide travel adaptor. They are essential for all digital nomads and would be my number one choice for a fellow traveller.

4. The classic snood or buff – so good in cold, sandy, windy environments! Also a steal with amazon prices ranging for £2.50 to £10.

5. I would also recommend a travel towel, although after a while you miss fluffy towels. These microfibre, quick dry towels are so useful and my XL sized one folds down to the size of a pencil case. They range from £2.99 for a tiny one to £11.97 for the largest.

6. The next advice I would give is a collapsible water bottle. This one costs £9.99 and is perfect for taking through airports and saving space. collapsible-water-bottle-folding-water-tank

7. A first aid kit – although it might get some funny looks on Christmas day, these are a life saver and as a traveller you always add your own bits, but to get the basics is great. This one costs £7.49.

8. A small fold away rucksack! These are so useful when you arrive in a new city and want to explore but have nowhere to put your waterbottle or essentials. This can be taken out without having to unpack your entire luggage. At £11.99-15.99 these are a bit more but much better quality that the cheap ones.

9. An A6 little book of photos and memories – could even be a notebook for travellers to take down memories as they go. I like to keep a book with me.

10. Finally, I would suggest this scratch off map so they can mark off every country visited! This one is only £7.99 and in a more travel friendly size.



I hope this helps you find something for you traveller friends and if you have any other gift suggestions – please comment them below! I love to hear of new ideas and from the great ambini, I wish you a merry Christmas.

x x x



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