Breaking News – Ledbury named in top 10 places for Christmas Shopping.

Dear Fellow Budget Hunters

This is just going to be a quick post on the breaking news from the Guardian on their list of places to go Christmas shopping. As a crazy Herefordian, I am always proud when the area I live in is mentioned anywhere in the press. I spent the majority of my time in Fresher’s week trying to explain where I lived and that it was different from Hertfordshire.

My family moved to Ledbury just over a year ago from North Herefordshire and I am just about finding my feet. I did a whole blog post this summer, where I went on an adventure to explore the town and it’s historyIMG_3475

I was very shocked when I saw that Ledbury was on this list, especially as my experience of some of the shops is they are rather pricy and not really the sort of things I would buy. However, I can see why it is in the list especially as there is a lot of boutiques and little independent shops that are definitely popular with the local celebrities.

Here is their comprehensive list of it’s top 10 best places for Christmas shopping.

  1. Lisbon
  2. Lille, France
  3. Ghent, Belgium
  4. Munich
  5. Copenhagen
  6. Ledbury, Herefordshire
  7. Glasgow
  8. Vienna
  9. Naples
  10. Amsterdam

As you can see Ledbury along with Glasgow, are the only places in the UK which have made it to the top 10, so I am sure we will wear this achievement with pride. I generally do my christmas shopping in Cardiff, as the chain stores are a lot bigger than Hereford or Malvern. I am also guilty of doing a lot of shopping online or getting creative with Pintrest ideas! I am very interested to hear where you like to shop and hope you enjoy my excitement over such a random article.

Lots of love

The Great Ambini

x x x

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