Hello fellow budget hunters

Today’s post is a throwback to last September when I went on the first proper date with my boyfriend – we went on holiday which literally sums us up! So here is what we did over 2 days there, in a brief summary!

The Lonely Planet rates Copenhagen as one of the most expensive cities in the world and despite our flights costing only £20 from the UK, it was too expensive for our to stay in the city itself. So instead I came up with a cheaper solution – stay in Malmo and pay the £15 fare on the train. We did this on the final free day we had before we flew home so spent two full days exploring this wonderful city.


Picture of the bridge from the Christiansborg Palace

First of all we did my usual trick of walking into a the tourist information and acting very lost. We would be given a free (often smaller to fold down) map of the city instead of ones you pay for and have a person point out all the things to do for free or cheap.

Without going to there first we would never have realised you can get a boat tour in English/German/Danish for half the price of the multi language tour. Through this we got to see the famous Little Mermaid statue and view the city from the water we also got to find out about lots of different areas of the city. Would highly recommend as it cost about £5 and covers so much more than the walking tours do.

The best free thing to do we found was to go up the tower of Christiansborg  Palace which is free everyday of the year and is the highest point in the city. The queue took about 20 minutes and was made more frustrating by us being the very first two people in the queue! Although once we were up there it was worth every second!



Direction of Sweden from the Tower.

Another awesome free thing to do was visit the Rosenborg Castle gardens. There was lots going on in the daytime with performers and musicians, luckily while we visited it was sunny and we could relax after looking around the exterior of the castle.


Rosenborg Castle

No trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to FREETOWN CHRISTIANIA!!

 Christiania is a semi-autonomous, self governing area of Copenhagen which attracts a lot of non-conformists. So many communal homes/places to eat and prayer flags makes it a haven for hippies and tourists alike. It has a heavy drugs trade and before we went they used to have stalls in the market selling drugs but due to a shooting 2 weeks before, (which we only found out after we went – thanks Wikipedia) they stopped the stalls and just have people selling drugs from their pockets.

If you’ve never been to an ‘alternative’ neighbourhood before this one is truly amazing and has the most awesome views across the lakes where you can watch over the water and listen to some of the live music playing nearby. 14334246_861319997302037_1825757246_n1

All together we really enjoyed our trip to Copenhagen but it was expensive for food and drinks as well as accommodation so be prepared!


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