The Great Ambini random update

Hello fellow budget hunters

Sorry for the delay in posts, been back at uni (which hasn’t even started yet) and I’ve been super busy. Also been trying to plan the next adventure but my mum isn’t very keen to let me go skiing!

After the dislocated shoulder in Tanzania and injuring my foot in the Himalayas… She’s probably got a point!

But now I’m trying to decide which city to go and visit for Christmas markets! I really want to see Prague, Brno, Budapest and Aarhus! This is my new hit list but I don’t think I’m going to manage all of them in 2017!

I’ve always got my eyes open for cheap flights especially from Birmingham but you can’t fly to all those cities from there. Excited for new adventures because it’s unusual for me to be in the country try for so long!

I need to see some snow this year – and don’t think it’s going to happen in Cardiff.
So Christmas markets are my new aim especially as they are perfect for weekend city breaks!

Today I’m going to put my head down and write a few blog posts to have up my sleeve (for when third year swarms me!). I was hoping to do a few posts of just the photos I took while we were away and then a few more informative posts about the summer!

I was also super proud of my last post – if you haven’t seen it yet go and look! It’s the one about travel myths being debunked!

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