Paris since the attacks

Hello fellow budget hunters

I was as shocked as everyone in the recent Barcelona attacks… I have walked along la rambla and I hope it doesn’t discourage people from visiting the  beautiful Catalan city!
Today’s post is a reflection on Paris since the terrorist attacks in 2015 and 2016. I’ve seen recent reports showing there has been a rise in the number of tourists there, proving that people are not letting the fear of terrorism deter from adventure!
IMG_3364 - Copy
What I noticed once we got to Italy and then Paris was the sheer volume of police, armed forces and security checks we had to have. I don’t have a problem with being scanned especially if its in the interest of safety however I didn’t realise we would need two scans to get to the Eiffel Tower.
 Thank god that we did as the following day the tower was evacuated because a man tried to push past security with a knife.
However the police presence in public squares, outside churches and just patrolling is reassuring. I’d rather live in George Orwell’s Big Brother state constantly being watched  than the alternative!
I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of tourism, I know London is recovering from the attacks but had a good summer in terms of tourist figures. Paris was busy and so many tourists but it shows the solidarity people have. Also that Paris is a beautiful city and I would recommend visiting (although Venice was my favourite this summer).
I’m pleased that Paris has recovered and had record tourists, especially as capital cities rely heavily on the tourist economy!
IMG_3382 - Copy
My thoughts are with those affected in Barcelona.

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