Hello fellow budget hunters

Today I am lacking inspiration! I have planned out so many good posts but I want my good pictures from my DSLR and my laptop to post them rather than hoping my phone will work on WordPress for long enough to post anything!!

My last post was very popular as we’ve had a great time causing problems with language!

This post is going to be a ramble about some food experiences we’ve had! Obviously being in Italy we have been on the hunt for the best pizza.. We’ve had some amazing ones that are crispy and still doughy. Pizza should be thinner than a crepe all over the world – none of this deep pan stuff! We’ve found a good one in Bologna near to where we’re staying but our current favourite was in the local area of Roma. We were about 5 minutes from the Furio Camillo stop and there was a pizzeria at the end of the street that was heavenly!

I do also love something called suppli which is a risotto ball with mozzarella in the middle then fried. Delicious!

Gelato – I will confess I have spent more on ice cream than anyone should ever admit to! I’m going to do a separate post on finding the best places but my boyfriends flatmate (who is from Bologna) recommended us places in Firenze and Bologna that are out of this World!!!

Pasta- yesterday in Bologna I had the most beautiful Lasagne I have ever eaten (sorry Mum!) it was just melting in the mouth and so full of flavour. We’ve both agreed to go back to this cafe for another one!

Coffee, Italian are the best at coffee and we eventually learnt the tricks of the local cafe in Rome near our place. After the whole latte experience in my last post we stuck with cappuccino and espressos! So good though!

I’m sure more detailed food posts will come and we are always on the lookout for places to eat. Italy has been renamed eataly in my world !I do also love something called suplli

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