Marseille on Bastille Day

Hello fellow budget hunters!

I am still on my trip round Europe and have spent the last few days in Marseille! It is a beautiful city, with a mixture of different neighborhoods and architecture.

Since being here, we have visited lots of churches, the old port and the Fort St Jean. We walked all the way up to the Notre Dame in the bright sunshine and the views are amazing.

We have been staying in a room from airbnb which was reasonable for Cote d’azur in July and has been great sharing with two french girls. They’ve recommended places, we all went out to an indie bar together and heard about the plans for Bastille Day.

We were all going to go to a rooftop bar when one girl works and watch th fireworks, however it is such a windy day that the police have postponed it because of safety reasons! Hopefully we will get to see some fireworks from the balcony here anyway and everyone seems very excited. We also saw a lot of the parades elsewhere on the TV so it is a fun time.

The only shame is that we will miss the fireworks and a lot of places were shut today as it is a national holiday! We ended up enjoying a kebab nearby as we are staying in an Algerian dominant neighborhood.

See you in the next chapter… Flying to Roma this evening!

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