10 packing hacks you need to try! 

Hello fellow budget hunters, this post should help a few over Packers I know! Especially with summer holidays around the corner (well I’m currently on mine!) Here’s 10 you need to try! 

1 . Roll everything, admittedly I know you have to unfold it at the other end so nothing creases but it saves so much space 

2. Using up valuable space by packing clothes into hollow objects like shoes or plastic boxes. I always roll up socks inside my big shoes. 

3. Wearable luggage, you are allowed a coat on the plane and people have now started inventing clothing with pockets for storing luggage! Sneaky! 

4. Wear your bulky outfits onto the plane. I think this one is obvious and I am always on a plane wearing walking boots and big coats! 

5. Take medication out of the boxes and put into a plastic bag. I always keep the prescription label with me but saves on space! 

6. Use exterior pockets, I have always got my flipflops in the water bottle pocket of my rucksack – it still fits the bag limit. Don’t be afraid to tie things on! 

7. Check your airline baggage allowance as some have 2 bags like Ryanair. I have a 37 litre rucksack which is way under the size! Others like Wizz air only allow smaller bags without charges. 

8. If it is over the 7-10kg then wear your bag on one shoulder! Even if it kills you for those 10 minutes, airlines rarely weigh hand luggage and only pick the heaviest looking ones! 

9. Packing cubes, these are a new discovery for me and I am now a massive fan! I love organisation and these cubes mean it all fits together and my bag is organised. 

10. Pack less, I know you don’t need telling but who is going to change 3 times a day? Just pack what you need! 
See you for the next post! 

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