My Summer plans

Just a quick blog update on the start of this post – I have decided to get into a routine with uploading posts so I’m aiming to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday but some weeks may only have 2 posts depending on how busy I am!


Anyway on to this post, I’m going to give you an idea of where we are going this summer and which blog posts to look out for! I went on a booking spree and I think we spent about £300 each over the course of the day. However that was for flights and accommodation for most places we are going to. From 3rd July until 9th August I will be out the country so it’s going to be exciting.


I also have another little trip coming up after my exams in June but that will be a surprise for my followers until I get there!


But back to July and August. We both decided as it was my partners last big summer as a student so we decided to go on a fun adventure across parts of the world we’ve never been. We are also combining our adventures with his family holiday to Florence and Tuscany along with my visit to Murcia to see my grandparents.


For those two 8 night stretches we are fortunate to have accommodation provided and I will only be doing ‘how expensive is..’ for those countries we paid for ourselves.


Anyway to the Plan.


Murcia for the first 8 days.


Then we are going to Marseille for 3 days which I’m excited for having ever been to southern France (despite spending every summer there in my childhood)


From Marseille we are heading to Rome, another place I’ve never been for 4 days before meeting up with my partner’s family in Florence.


We have 4 nights in Florence and a few more days in Tuscany by the sea.


Then we are off on the train to Venice where we are staying on a house boat for a couple of nights before flying to Split, Croatia.


I will spend my birthday in Croatia before our final week of the adventure in Paris. After Paris we will fly home ready for my cat sitting duties.



This entire trip was planned using the ‘fly to everywhere’ setting on Skyscanner and choosing the cheapest place to go to next! Apart from the last two flights as we needed to find the cheapest way to get back home.

2017-04-11 (1)

I will write another post on how we book our accommodation to get the best possible prices next week. Hope you enjoyed the summary of where we are off to next.

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