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This is going to be a different style of post, a mix between a storytime and an insight into family life! Saturday evening was my Mum’s annual Eurovision party which was a lovely evening.

This year the guest list was the family and boyfriends – it wasn’t expanded out to the friends who normally attend such an event. So we had european themed foods filling our buffet and sat down to enjoy the whole programme. In past years my mum insisted on us dressing up as countries but thankfully we didn’t have enough warning this year!

Our food was also 70s themed for some unknown reason and included vol-a-vents, cheese and pineapple on sticks, jelly and lots of desserts!


Throughout the show we picked our favourites and speculated on the potential winners but were definitely surprised by the outcome. Portugal had a lovely song but it was not a typical Eurovision winner. It wasn’t political, it didn’t have a crazy amount of lights/fireworks or crazy costumes. It was a beautiful traditional portuguese song which would be popular but just wasn’t crazy enough in my eyes for this competition.

I like the new style of voting, I think it works very well in avoiding the popularity contest and voting blocs but that can never be completely eradicated. My personal winners for the night were Spain (who came last – catchy surfer style song), Moldova who came 3rd and Romania who mixed Rap and Yodelling. I am still confused about how Australia is still entered into the competition along with Israel but I didn’t make the vague boundaries of Europe for the show.

We don’t take Eurovision seriously (despite how it might appear) and have bingo cards for different acts! Including barefoot singers, coloured outfits, strange backing dancers and many other quirks. We like to laugh and see where the UK inevitably comes (Although well done Lucie you did well).

All in all, we had a fun night and enjoyed the programme with 180 million others around the world. I hope you also enjoyed the programme and look at the craziness of Europe. This year was rather subtle in comparison to the last few years but it is still one of my favourite events of the year.WP_20170513_014

One thought on “Eurovision

  1. That sounds so interesting..your mom insists on the right thing. Dressing up as the country as essential in its own way right?


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