10 Things every traveller needs!

Hello fellow budget hunters

Today I’m going to give you a list of 10 things you need to take travelling with you. Some of them are physical and others are just mental things you need to have.

  1. Passport (It goes without saying)
  2.  Open eyes – Wherever you are, keep your eyes open – not just about being safe and avoiding pickpockets. You need to take it all in and although some sights will be overwhelming, the colours and new sights will be 100% better if you look at it all.
  3. A sense of adventure – don’t be those boring tourists who follow guide books, stray off the beaten track and explore little side streets – just go get lost in the new towns and cities.
  4. Walking shoes – if you are planning to trek anywhere in the world, head to sports direct in the UK or Decathlon, get a decent pair for around £20 and you’re set to go. Top tip – to save on weight at airports wear them on the plane and take some flipflops in your hand luggage.
  5. A travel journal – write down everything you do and silly little things that happen in the day. I’m still laughing about my partner doing his laundry in Morocco and being seen by a cleaner while sniffing his pants. (He will kill me for saying that!)
  6. Open mind – as I mentioned before. Don’t get stressed about all the different languages, transport, food and just accept the new culture and don’t shut yourself off as you won’t enjoy the country. You’ll get so much more out of the places you see if you don’t panic and shut off from it all. Don’t go eating home foods, try something you can’t pronounce on the menu – it might be your new favourite.
  7. A camera – Take only photographs, leave only footprints.
  8. A sewing kit – if you’re going on a long trip it will save you if your clothes or rucksacks rip.
  9. Don’t travel with a long plan, plans change and be flexible. See it as a journey, and if you like a country stay there. We went to another country when we were in Romania. It’s that true feeling of travel if you’re flexible with where you want to go. However some countries want to see your exit flights upon arrival eg the Philippines.
  10. Insurance – buy your travel insurance before you go and make sure it covers hospitals, stolen/lost luggage and issues that might arise.



I hope this list helps you a little with all of your future trips and adventures!

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