How do I find super-cheap flights?

Hello fellow Budget hunters

This post was requested after my post about how I travel so much. So I’m trying to make it as informative as possible. I have taken 10 flights since September (I know.. poor carbon footprint) and the most expensive was £43 return to Morocco! So here is my top tips for finding cheap flights!

Firstly, always put your browser in incognito mode while looking – cookies on your browser track where you’ve been searching and can add more than £150 to flights you’ve been looking at over a few weeks.

Secondly, be flexible on when you can fly and where you can fly from. For example it can work out cheaper to get the bus/train from Birmingham to London Gatwick and fly from there to Spain or Portugal rather than direct. Shop around and check the different times for flights as there’s often more than one a day to destinations, especially in peak seasons. Also you can just pick ‘anywhere’ as an option and be given a choice based on price. (this was just June to July as options) 2017-04-11-1.png

Thirdly, comparison site – I’ve said it time and time again as I always use as a way to search for my flights. If I find a cheap one I will usually check it against which can sometimes be cheaper so really worth checking! They are also good at alerting you to website glitches, if you’re on their mailing list. Or use Ryanair’s farefinder option on the site, pick an airport to fly from and a budget to find the best deals. 2017-04-11.png

Next, I always fly hand luggage only in Europe as we’re never there long enough and it saves so much money. If you are booking longer flights then be prepared for it to add up as skyscanner never shows you the price with luggage (unless its a long haul flight dependant on the airline)

Finally, I just shop around. You’re never going to find the cheapest flights in 5 minutes flat. Be prepared to search for an hour or two. Keep looking between comparison sites and you can fly to the USA for £200 or Asia for £250!


2017-04-11-2.pngHope this helps!


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