How expensive is.. Romania?

Hello fellow budget hunters

This is a long awaited post I am sure, after the Morocco post seemed to be one of my most popular posts! I am going to give you an account of everything we spent or a rough guide of what you can expect to spend.

Firstly, travel expenses – this is normally one of the most expensive parts of any adventure. The flights from London Stansted to Timisoara were £20 each for a return (part of the reason we picked to visit this amazing city) we also had to get from Cambridge to the airport which costs £10 with a railcard for an open return. Once we arrived, as it was midnight we got a taxi at around £10 all together for the 11km journey but the bus to the airport in the day is 50p. All together we spent around £35.50 on travel expenses not including our Serbian adventure.

Next we had accommodation – this time we stayed in a completely huge apartment a stones throw from the Unity Square in the centre. We used airbnb and rented the place here which was £16 on weekdays and £24 on weekends per night. However we had the £30 free credit from airbnb when you are referred (If you click this link and sign up you will get £30 off a trip of £55 or more.) So for the entire trip it cost £108 for the 8 night we stayed. This also meant we had a kitchen so could cook our breakfasts and any other meals we fancied staying in for. The host was also amazing and couldn’t do enough – however do not be alarmed by the graffiti outside when you arrive like we were at almost 1am. Most places have street art on them in this surprisingly cosmopolitan city.


Food – Always the most important thing! We went to a supermarket and bought a lot of bits and bobs to make a few meals and to drink/snack on. It only cost us about £12 for everything but this was before we looked at restaurants. The cafes in the square don’t really serve food but there’s a lot of places between the unity and victory squares. We spent on average £4 for a meal and a drink, £1-1.50 on coffees or milkshakes and £2 on the homemade soup we loved so dearly. The maximum you would need per day on 2 meals out, is around £12 per day but we usually spent about £10 including coffees, ice creams and pastries whenever we fancied. Over 8 days that was about £80.

Another expense was things to see and do. We did all the sights of the area that were free fairly briefly and decided to go on our trip to Serbia. The train cost us 36 lei or just over £7 for a return ticket and it was worth the experience in Vrsac. Otherwise we just spent our usual £10 for food which went a very long day and was very reasonable! Other expenses were little gifts for our families which wasn’t very much either.


All in all, with our lavish food and huge apartment as well as international trains we have managed to spend less than £150 for 8 nights in Romania. This was flights, accomodation, eating out everyday, drinks in cafes and a day trip to Serbia. You could spend more and it would be very easy to spend a lot less but I hope this gives you an insight! I would 100% recommend coming to visit this awesome city!


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