A mini adventure within our adventure!

So hello fellow budget hunters! I’m going to tell you today about our exciting trip to the fishing village of Howth. We were really bad at pronouncing it but it was such a lovely day.

Howth is a fishing village in the north part of the Dublin Bay. It is famous for having a castle, hill and beautiful dramatic cliff landscape. It is easily accessible and definitely worth your time.

We visited in December as it was suggested by our hostel especially once we’d done most of the things we wanted to do in Dublin. It was easy to get to from the main train station in Dublin, it took about 35 minutes and cost 6 euros for a return ticket.


We went to the tourist info shed in  the village and gained a map that told us there was 4 different coastal walks around the town we could do. As it was December and the light was going to fade after a couple of hours so we decided to do the main part that all the paths did and then when we got to the separation point and decided to head back as it was almost 4pm the week before Christmas. I also didn’t think it was safe to be on a cliff in the dark!


We took our own lunch with us and sat on the cliff eating them. It was such a lovely place and well worth a visit if you around the area. We even treated ourselves to some chips by the sea front before getting our train back.

It was a lovely day out!


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