Everyone knows Stockholm and Gothenburg but very few know Sweden’s 3rd city Malmo! Very up and coming with hipster feels, Malmo is very interesting place.

As people of a very tight budget we went for the best accommodation option we could find – 2 nights in a airbnb hostel and 2 nights in an airbnb flat we found for the same price. Both awesome places and so much cheaper than Copenhagen the place we had flown into.

Malmo had lots of art. Everywhere you looked there was street art or sculpture which made a walk around a free art gallery. We also visited the free modern art museum which was also very interesting and very hipster.

Other places we visited during the 2 full days we spent in Malmo, were churches and the famous squares. All of this architecture was stunning and truly fantastic to see. The church we visited had all been paint over in white wash except for one room which still had the original paintings.


The ceiling in the room with original paintings.

We also enjoyed the beach (once we found it) the flat shallow waters make it easy to spot fish, cuttle fish and other sea creatures in the clear water. We took a stroll along the pier and admired a lot of the modern buildings across the skyline.



Another great place to visit was the gardens/park which had some amazing green areas and fountains (not just for drinking water).


We both loved all the things that Malmo had to offer although when we were on a budget we didn’t eat out in restaurants which were pricy and instead spent about £20 in lidl on food for our stay. It truly was a lovely place and so easy to get the train internationally from Denmark too.

If you want to see the video of our adventure click here.




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