The best place to spend days without doing much at all!

When I describe this place as one of my favourite places I’ve ever been, it still probably wouldn’t do this place justice. My partner insisted that we went here as it was his favourite place ‘in the world’ so I booked a place for his birthday.

We got the bus from Marrakech bus station (cost 150 dirhams for a return alsa) however I would suggest going with supratour instead as it is a nonstop journey to Essaouira instead of the stopping and starting journey that we took for over 3 hours to get to the coast. As soon as we got off the bus, the difference in the people’s attitudes was so obvious. Everyone was so helpful, even when they were touting for business!

We got there at midday, hungry and ready to find some more drinking water (have to drink bottled water in Morocco). The first riad was nice and fresh, our room wasn’t cleaned initially though as we were earlier than the check in time. We were able to drop our rucksacks and head out for some lunch, we caused a fight between two restaurant vendors trying to get us to eat there and only made the decision based on how quickly they got their samples to us!

We then went to the beach, came across some people we’d met in the desert – small world! The beach in Essaouira is stunning and although it was windy during most of our stay I can imagine it is nothing short of paradise in the spring/autumn months. wp_20170108_012

The harbour is also so beautiful and there’s so many places to eat fresh fish if you walk along the walls of the port. wp_20170108_026

In terms of shopping, in Essaouira there is a lot of wooden boxes and magic boxes which excited shopkeepers will show you how to open. There is also a lot of fixed price shops which gives you a better idea of how much you should pay for other items like leather bags and shoes, wooden boxes and ceramic tagine dishes.

There is also a lot of french influence still to be found here include some amazing patisseries and bargain ‘plat du jour’ offers for 3 courses. We found you could pass your time strolling around the few main streets, find the indoor market and just head to the beach to enjoy the sun and sea breeze. The whole place is small but just paradise – think of the cote d’azur with less people and more Moroccan food!


We also loved watching the sunset on most of the nights we spent in Essaouira but wrap up in January because the temperature drops fantastically at night. wp_20170110_17_55_01_pro

The Moor style castle with the sunset.


A close up of me enjoying the sunset. I would encourage anyone who wants to experience paradise to visit Essaouira – it has everything you would ever need and it so reasonable for the accommodation/transport and food.  NB there is a big festival once a year that makes it a very busy place for the 3 days but anytime around that I would recommend!

If you want to see my YouTube video of Morocco click here.


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